Classic Full Set - $100

This is our signature lash application, where we attach 1 lash extension to your natural eyelash. It’s great for a vibrant, natural look.

Classic Refill Starting at $55

Hybrid Volume - $120

This is our fusion application, where we beautifully combine classic and volume lashes across your lash line. It’s the perfect mix of fullness and texture!

Hybrid Refill Starting at $65

Mega Volume - $190

This is our top-shelf application, where we attach volume lash extensions to your natural eyelash. It’s fantastic for a full, luscious look.

Mega Volume Refill Starting at $90

Volume - $130 +

Volume can create a lighter, fluffier natural look, as well as a fuller.Volume can create a natural or full look

Volume Refill Starting at $65


There are many people who have long enough lashes, but they're either having to constantly use a curler or may not even realize they have long lashes because they grow straight out or down. A lift allows us to cud your lashes up for a look similar to that of using a curler, and the best part? It stays for 6-8 weeks. If you have blonde or brown lashes you can combine this service with a lash tint so you have curled, dark lashes.

Eyebrow / Lip Wax $10
Eyebrow Tint $20
Eyebrow Wax & Tint $35


Microblading is a technique in which a "micro-blade" is used to cut hair-like strokes into the eyebrow area which is then gone over in a pigment that matches your natural eyebrow color for better blending. The idea is to follow the natural growth pattern of the hair while also creating a better shape and fullness. Once healed you will have strokes that resemble real eyebrow hair! This technique is best for those who naturally have a decent amount of eyebrow hair, but may be lacking shape or fullness.